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No. 08 – December 2023

The ICWRGC newsletter regularly informs on news about our activities in the field of hydrology dealing with research, data, networks, education and training as well as events at a national and international level.
In the current thematic newsletter, we would like to focus on the upcoming EGU 24 conference in April 2024.
30 Nov 2023


The annual General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) has always been an important date in the ICWRGC yearly calendar. At EGU 24, 14-19 April 2024 in Vienna, Austria (and online; https://www.egu24.eu/), ICWRGC and its partners will be organizing three sessions focused around different aspects of water data and transdisciplinary cooperation:

NH9.14 Data services in disaster risk reduction and resilience building in mountain and glacier environments. Co-organized by GI2, co-sponsored by WMO and UNESCO. Convener: Luna Bharati; Co-conveners: Dipesh Chapagain, Otieno Washington. https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU24/session/48719
HS1.2.4 From observations to action: role of data services in hydrological research and management. Co-organized by ESSI2/GI2, co-sponsored by WMO. Convener: Claudia Färber; Co-conveners: Tunde Olarinoye, Moritz Heinle, Claudia Ruz Vargas, Stephan Dietrich. Invited talk by Adina-Eliza Croitoru (WMO Research Board): Data Exchange with the Research Sector – from Challenge to Normality. https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU24/session/48455
HS5.1.4 Elevating practice in the science-policy-practice nexus: highlights from operationalization of hydrological research and interdisciplinary collaborations (Pico session). Co-sponsored by WMO and UNESCO. Convener: Nilay Dogulu; Co-conveners: Stephan Dietrich, Ellen Gute, Britta Höllermann, Elena Toth. https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU24/session/48102

Abstracts for these and all other sessions can be submitted until 10 January 2024, 13:00 CET under the following link:

After selecting a suitable Programme Group, you will be directed to the group’s session list with individual abstract submission links for each session.
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