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Professor Dr. Lars Ribbe Appointed New Chair of ICWRGC’s Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe was nominated as the new chair of the Scientific Advisory Board due to his remarkable scientific career and his exceptional expertise in Water Science and Management.

Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe is a professor for integrated land and water resources management and director at the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT), Cologne University of Applied Sciences. His work areas include river basin assessment, modelling and management. He is specifically interested in developing knowledge systems helping decision makers to cope with challenges related to water resources, such as water scarcity and drought, floods and pollution.

Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe and Harald Köthe at the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board 2024

Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe with Harald Köthe.

After five years as Chair of the Board, Prof. Dr. Mariele Evers resigned from office. She will, however, remain a full member of ICWRGC’s National Committee. In his laudatory speech, Mr. Köthe, director of ICWRGC, thanked Prof. Dr. Evers and emphasized her high level of commitment and support as chair of the board.

Prof. Dr. Mariele Evers and Harald Köthe at the Scientific Advisory Board meeting 2024

Prof. Dr. Mariele Evers with Harald Köthe.

The Scientific Advisory Board provides guidance to ICWRGC in implementing the Center’s strategy and assists in planning research, education, outreach and communication activities. Furthermore, the advisory board supports scientific cooperation and networking. The board meets to discuss various themes at least once every year.

This year’s meeting was held at the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection of the state of Brandenburg in Potsdam on 22.02.2024.

For details on the current board members, please refer to the right-hand box in the infographic linked here.

Group picture of ICWRGC Management with members of the Scientific Advisory Board at the board meeting 2024 in Potsdam

ICWRGC management with members of the Scientific Advisory Board at the board meeting 2024 in Potsdam.

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